Garage48 HUB initiative has already got positive feedback, membership applications and even media coverage before it's official launch from ArcticStartup, the biggest tech blog in the Nordics. We welcome all Startups and Garage48 community members to look at the HUB open office space and apply for membership, either ad-hoc or more regular packages.

As we are opening on 1st of December, we are in process of setting up the furniture and equipment for smooth launch. If you like the HUB concept and you are willing to contribute or support us, then we are looking for some of the furniture (office chairs), a network printer, TV or data-projector for presentations and other cool tech gadgets or gaming consoles.

Get more details from the Garage48 HUB website and stay tuned for the opening party.

Martin Villig and Ragnar Sass
Co-founders of Garage48 HUB