Estonian Startups getting international recognition

There have been several Estonian startups (Taxipal, Erply and getting international recognition and attention during the last period. We are happy for those companies and encourage other startups to join international competitions and other events to promote their business and services.
Good examples Estonian startups recent achievements:
Techcrunch reported just few days ago that the Seedcamp 2009 winner Erply closed a financing round of $2M from well-known investors. Congratulations!

We hope that some new and promising ideas will come out of our startup boot-camp initiative Garage48 in mid-April, where ad-hoc teams transform new ideas to services just within 48 hours.
Ekspress writes about 3 Estonian startups
16 potential startups launched at Garage48

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Mikko Ikola, March 25, 2010
You guys should visit Aalto Entrepreneurship Society events in Helsinki, Finland, sometimes. You are invited :) And we could come to Estonia, as well.

Greetings from MIT GSW Iceland!
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